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 The Overall Story

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PostSubject: The Overall Story   The Overall Story I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 09, 2011 3:11 am

Failstronauts is about the Galactic army in four different sides:

Fourth Side

They try to help planets or beings in danger, searching for missions to take on. This is the Breakfast Platoon (Main Characters). Their personalities make it more of a challenge to succeed in their missions, and sometimes wing at their jobs, that's what makes them "Failstronauts".

Their main goal is to try to make the Breakfast Platoon fail their missions or to destroy their team. On their free time, they are just sitting around or play games with the Breakfast Platoon. This is the Dinner Platoon, they would succeed if they weren't dimwitted, klutzy, selfish, people. Their member "Baby Back Ribs" (Youngest of all of them) screws up and is 1/3 of the reasons on why they fail. They also want to gain power.

Neutral Team:
If captured and forced to side with the Dinner Team, one of them could easily press a self destruct button on their ship, while launching Anti-Matter Missiles at the Breakfast Platoon's ship. This team's actual goal is to probably even the scores between Breakfast and Dinner. It is supposed the Galactic alliance did this to make things more "Interesting".

Fourth Team:
We don't know what their real goal is, but they come in occasionally, and when they do, they're rocking out, partying or prank calling their elementary school teachers. This team is the dessert team, they usually talk in chat speak saying "LOL, That was like, totally awesome!" or "You just got PWNED, noob!". They occasionally speak in 1337 if angered. They seem to have the minds of crazy people on "4chan" and copies the "Pony's" reaction images. They're the stereotypical kind of internet nerds.

Galactic Alliance:
The Galactic Alliance is in charge of the natural balance of the galaxy, they set up the Breakfast Platoon to keep things in order and everyone safe. They have no idea how the Dinner Platoon came to be, so they set up the Lunch Platoon to even things out and to have a little fun (The whole platoon series has it's own show which is put into an anime format, and is on Galactic Channel 5) so everything that happens is put on TV in the whole galaxy.
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The Overall Story
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